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I guess you can say accounting runs in the family.  With a grandfather, father, mother, aunts and uncles, a sister and eventually a brother all working in the business.  I was the first employee at the firm when we were Evancic & Company working out of a home office.  I have always enjoyed math and working with numbers.  I have done my first two years of studies in accounting and hope to continue that in the near future.


The environment at the firm has always been something I enjoy.  We really focus on having a relationship with our clients.  The ones we have built over the years have given us the ability to really get to know our clients, not just the year end data. I think that gives us the ability to really tailor our advice to each individual situation.


I have 4 children, and we love to spend time outdoors as much as possible, how can you not when we live in such a beautiful province.  Depending on the season we will be hiking, skiing/snow boarding, swimming, biking, camping, and gardening.  

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